2 Dec

It’s hard to believe that another year of making pizza is nearly over!

Next year will see us enter our third year of trading, and boy have we learnt a lot over the last 12 months!

We won’t lie and say every event has been great or pretend that there haven’t been moments when we’ve wanted to pack it all in, there’s been plenty of those! But we do really feel that we’re starting to make our mark and are confident in the pizza we’re turning out (We’ve finally found the perfect cheese!).

We have a couple more events before we can put our feet up for a while (we’re pretty sure no one loves January as much as we do!), before starting up again in March.

In the meantime here are a few words of wisdom from the Secret Pizza Society team for any other people out there hoping to start a mobile pizza business:

  1. Hot air balloon festivals. Not cool and not worth your time.
  2. If you keep your iPad in your van, don’t put it in a brown leather case that looks like one of your brown pizza boxes. It will end up in the bin, never to be seen again.
  3. Pizza vans which have a clay oven in them tend to be quite heavy, so don’t drive on newly-laid turf. You will sink and it will take hours for the AA to pull you out. Also, it will be embarrassing.
  4. Concentrate on your own product and make it as good as you can! Whatever style of pizza you’re going for (New York, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Roman, or simply your own take on it!), take pride in what you’re producing.
  5. Try not to eat too much of your own pizza. You might not notice it at the time, but you will end up putting on a stone or two! Simply eat from other traders because their food wont have any calories in it, right?

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone! And we’ll see you in the new year!


28 Oct

This is a blog post purely to say sorry for not posting a blog for two months. Please don’t hate us!


29 Aug

Last night was the launch of our new pitch in Harwell village, South Oxfordshire and it was GREAT!

Fair enough, we did absolutely no advertising (except for a tweet and Facebook post) so no-one in the village knew we were coming, but that just made it all the more exciting, right?

Harwell 2

As we pulled up in the village hall car park, we had no idea whether we’d sell one or 100 pizzas, again this just made it all the more exciting/nerve-wrecking. But sometimes we just like to turn up and see what happens…and we also hate queues and were dreading a massive one if too much word had spread! The strategy (ahem) paid off quite nicely and the steady-paced flow gave us time to talk to each of our customers and introduce ourselves properly.

Is Harwell the friendliest village in Oxfordshire? We were taken aback by just how nice everyone was, with people offering to help advertise us in their shops and workplaces and spread the word among their friends!

Harwell 1

It also turned out that local developers were using the hall that night to show their new housing plans to the villagers. Rumours soon spread that the developers had hired us to be there to try to bribe the villagers into agreement. We can assure you this was not the case, it was just a coincidence!

We had planned to make the Harwell pitch a fortnightly affair, similar to how we manage our other pitches, but after last night we’ve decided to GO WEEKLY! Yeah! So, you can find us EVERY THURSDAY from 5-9pm in Harwell Village Hall car park!

You can find out where our other local pitches are on our website!


19 Aug

Good news! We have another regular local pitch to add to our list, Harwell Village Hall!

Where’s Harwell? Harwell is a nice South Oxfordshire village not far from Didcot and Wantage. 

We’ll be opening our pizza hatch outside the village hall (OX11 0EX) fortnightly on Thursdays between 5pm-9pm, starting from Thursday 28th August! 

This will be our third pitch and hopefully will be as successful as our other two have been!




28 Jul

The recent heatwave that’s been sweeping the UK is great. Except when you’re working in our van.

We’ve met lots of street food traders who’ve complained about being hot in their vans (even ice cream van men!) but until you’ve stood in front of a wood burning oven, churning out hundreds of pizzas all day, you have no idea!

This weekend was probably the hottest we’ve EVER been!

We’re not quite sure how we survived, we think we may have actually died and today could be some type of afterlife limbo land?! The temperature outside hit 30 plus degrees; we heard multiple people saying “It’s too hot, let’s go home” and everyone was begging us for water. With our oven fired up to 400 degrees and only our front serving hatch open, we think the temperature inside the van was ‘the sun’.


Lots of people ask us for advice about setting up a similar business to ours. Go for it, if you like feeling like you’re standing on top of an erupting volcano.



18 Jul

Sorry we’ve been quiet, we’ve been a little busy :)

We must apologize as sometimes we go a little AWOL on social media and the web when things get just a little too busy with pizza prep and events. We love our little pizza business but try not to let it take over our lives 24/7!

So what have we been up to? All sorts. Lots of family fun day style events in beautiful parks, beer festivals, summer fetes and of course our regular fortnightly pitches. We’re also in talks to get another couple of regular pitches too, so watch this space for more info soon!

We have a couple of nice local events in Oxford this weekend; Sandford-on-Thames Village Fete on Saturday and the Oxford Bike Fest on Sunday!

Sandford poster

Ox Bike Fest poster


Hopefully it won’t be too hot this weekend, We like the warm weather, but hotter than Honolulu? Not when we’re working in the pizza van thank you!



17 Jun




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